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Red-Letter chapter 4 :iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 9 8
Mature content
Edge of Illusion chapter two :iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 5 16
Edge of Illusion
"Shut up Gold, and quit following me!"
A rather flustered, and not to mention angry red head screeched, receiving stares from the various on-lookers of Azalea Town. His unsympathetic and infamous silver irises shimmered with the intent of hurting the other teenage boy, if he did not heed his warning, and quickly.
The other member of the party just beamed a ridiculous grin, flashing dazzling white teeth, as a hyperactive Aipom, continued to tug at a pair of large goggles that remained nestled in a mass of raven hair.
"Now Silv, I wouldn't call this a mere 'coincidence'. If anyone is the stalker here it is so you~" The dark haired boy provoked, and surveyed as Silver's face became flushed from mortification and imminent resentment, that desired to be unleashed.
"I am NOT a stalker!" He cried. Ouch, defensive much? Gold snickered, as he reached one of his hands up to scratch behind his Aipom's ears, hearing him croon in delight at the much-needed attention.
"Denial is the first stage. Don
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 20 14
Silence in Black and White: Chapter 4
Chapter Four
Superstitions are weird and unusual beliefs, I mean; who thought that by walking underneath a ladder, or breaking a mirror would conjure up years of bad luck? Well, in a normal, everyday life situation, most people could possibly overlook superstitions as nothing more than fabrication, made up to tease paranoid passer-by's, and to forever twist the fabric of that person's mind. Today was a different matter entirely.
Today was Friday the 13th, and as we all know; bared connotations to bad occurrences, or freak accidents, so forgive me if I wasn't just a little bit concerned here. It was also the dreaded day of my test results, and I had been a paranoid wreck all morning.
"Will you sit down, for Arceus sake?! You'll wear a groove into the carpet!" Touya cursed at me, as I paced around the living room, my hands furiously raking through my hair, and my heart thundering harder in my chest.
"I can't go…I can't go…" I mumbled weakly, trying to calm my breathing down t
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 4 0
Silence in Black and White: Chapter 3
Chapter Three
The imperious sense of dread continued to weigh me down for the remainder of the day. I just knew that something was seriously wrong, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. My birthday had been a nice celebration, but now I was back home, and the overwhelming knowledge of my demise was drawing near, resting was the last thing I could do. My attention piqued when a news report flashed on the television screen, and I stopped walking, watching the reporter intently.
"This is Cerise Winters reporting in Castelia City. International Police are currently on the lookout for two teenagers, who are suspected to be leading rebel forces. Reports claim they last saw the teenagers fleeing the scene of a petrol bomb attack at the Pokemon Centre in Castelia City. Descriptions show that one is male, and the other female; both around sixteen years of age," Suddenly a firm hand gripped my shoulder, diverting my attention from the reporter.
"You shouldn't listen to all this nonsense. Most of i
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 1 4
Red-Letter Chapter Three
Chapter Three
No-one knew that it would take a single spark to detonate the time bomb….
Christmas Time was the only time of year where anyone managed to see a flicker of pure animation light up Red's crimson eyes. Ever since his mother had told him the enchanting fairy-tale of a man called Santa Claus, and how he miraculously managed to swiftly deliver presents all over the region to good boys and girls, it captivated him.
However, there were some things he was told that confused him; for example: Santa was supposed to enter a person's home through their chimney, but Red ingeniously pointed out that their chimney wasn't able to do that. Therefore, he was told an altered version; where the large bulbous man had a very extraordinary key, enabling him to open anyone's front door whilst they were sleeping.
Once again, it was easy to make the innocent boy believe the hysteria, and the significance behind the holiday. He never once conjectured that Santa was nothing more than a mere fa
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 9 9
Red-Letter chapter 2
Chapter two
School is never easy for people, regardless of their mental state of mind. It's distressing, mind-numbing and boring as hell to the majority of children. Red, however, actually enjoyed going to school as part of his routine. He kept himself to himself and didn't socialise as much as the others would have liked, but it didn't bother him.
Green was the only friend he needed, and that suited him fine. Having new people interrupt his perfectly content life was something that raven-haired boy couldn't handle very well, and everyone who knew him was aware of that fact. However, it seemed Red's mental state of mind had become something of a bad habit as of lately.
At the end of the school year they decided to change the uniform, which required all student's parents to unfortunately buy a brand new uniform for the up and coming school year. Red couldn't seem to understand this change, and why it was necessary; what was wrong with the old uniform? It worked fine, so why did they fee
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 7 17
Red-Letter chapter 1
Chapter One
When Red turned eight years old, it became apparent that his need for routine and stability was something of a must have. If the slightest thing was out of place, or if someone ruined his daily routine, he just couldn’t deal with it and his brain would go into overload, resulting in hours locked away in his room.
His mother had assumed it was just part of growing up, but when she witnessed how Green behaved around others, she came to realise that her precious boy was very different. Different in today’s society wasn’t something to be proud of, in fact it led to bullying and torment.
Thankfully, Red had his ever reliable and rather hot-headed best friend to kick ass whenever the local kids used to make fun of him. So what, Red was unlike most kids his age, it didn’t mean it was a bad thing. Okay, he needed routine in his life to be able to function properly. Wasn’t that a normal part of life?
Green was always so patient with Red, and his weird r
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 16 10
Silence in Black and White: Chapter 2
Chapter Two
Don't you just hate it when your leg won't stop bouncing up and down because you're that freaking nervous? Yeah...that! I swear I must have chewed my pencil to ribbons by now, and my eyes kept glancing at the large clock that hung lazily on the wall.
Two hours...two hours and this would all be over with.
I stole a glance at Rosa, who had taken to a desk two rows ahead of me. I could see her head bowed, as she scribbled furiously on her paper, determined as ever to follow her dreams. Hugh sat to her right, his mass of dark navy hair easily recognisable. He too was busy writing down on the paper, oblivious to everything.
Most of the other students copied their actions, not even daring to look up to break their concentration. So why the hell was I just sat here, staring at the paper like I was signing my life away?
All the different questions were multiple choice, just like I had been told, but the first one was just plain ridiculous. 'Question one: If you were faced with the
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 6 2
Silence in Black and White: Chapter 1
Chapter One
They say that all rules are meant to be broken, no matter how serious they are, or how important. Of course, that isn’t so simple when you live in a world governed by fanatics, who seemed to fabricate the rules as they go along. No obvious direction to their schemes, just whatever works at that time. Team Plasma: the new age of liberation. Or so they thought.
Convincing the entire region to release all their Pokemon for the greater good was a doomed idea from the start, so their pompous leader; Ghetsis, had other ideas. He created a sadistic world. where people were ‘allowed’ to keep their Pokemon, under certain conditions. You now had to specialise in a particular type; for example: if you liked Grass Pokemon then you specialised in that field, you had no other option.
Of course, nobody wanted to live this way. We don’t have a choice. It’s either Team Plasma’s laws, or banishment, and perhaps uncertain death. The joys of being alive in t
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 5 3
Mature content
Subservience :iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 12 10
It wasn’t as if Red’s strange behaviour magically materialised overnight, and caused everyone he loved and cared about to worry over him. No, in fact these weird behaviour patterns had come to life during his childhood years, and had full taken flight by the time he had become a teenager. The crimson-eyed social recluse had not always been this way, in fact when he was juvenile and naïve he acted pretty much how a normal child would behave.
Define normal, you say? Red, just like any other child had a best friend, who would have walked to the ends of the Earth and back just to get him his favourite chocolate bar, and a loving family who doted on him hand and foot. To most kids that lived in quaint Pallet Town that type of lifestyle was perfect. Well…almost.
“I know, let’s play hide and seek!” A boisterous, 7 year old, emerald-eyed boy, named Green yelled out to his best friend, who was sitting down on the grass, aimlessly destroying clu
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 23 13
Killing Loneliness
Today was the day; it had been creeping up on him for weeks until now it had finally arrived. March 4th. It was Touya's birthday. A bright red ring encased the number, staring him in the face like a hazard sign. There was no going back now, no making other arrangements, or pretending as if it didn’t exist. It was here, and happening.
Sombre hazel eyes flickered from the Pokemon themed calendar to the window, aimlessly gazing at the scenery beyond. It had been so long since Nate had seen his half-brother; he was beginning to forget how he looked. The small details; such as the small indentation on the bridge of his nose, the slight lopsided smile he used to flash whenever he was vaguely amused, and the natural waves to his hair. He was beginning to miss those, and he couldn’t understand why.
“Nate?” The musical voice of his mother echoed up the stairs with a tone of urgency, which caused the brown haired boy to stand up taller, gaze diverting from the window.
:iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 25 18
Mature content
Mine :iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 13 15
Mature content
Sinful Desire :iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 11 21
Mature content
Collateral Damage Chapter 23 :iconbekkidarliin:BekkiDarliin 6 26


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Ugh...I have this slight obsession with a pairing right now that I wanna rp so much!! Sequelshipping (HughxRosa) If anyone is interested in rping let me know!!
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